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PETST ??????
PET ST - the mainstream
Let us outline the contents we have in the mainstream PET ST website. They are all in Japanese, so unfortunately, some of you may not be able to enjoy the mainstream site as much as others who are literate in Japanese. But we still hope that by reading this, you will have a gist of what we do, and feel the atmosphere of the fun community of the pet animal lovers in Japan!

Member registration
Any visitors of our site who´d like to make the full use of the PET ST contents and services must register as a member. All you need is an email address, and once you´re registered, you can log in by the selected user name. We may ask users to provide us with some non-sensitive personal information, and the collected information will be handled carefully in accordance with our privacy policy.

Photo Competition
If you live with your beloved cats and dogs, and you had a digital camera, nothing would stop you from taking thousands of photos of them. Even when others would say, ‘hey, they all look the same to me’, or when most of the photos would come out in disappointment anyway, there are surly good ones that satisfy your artistic urge. At PET ST, we have a photo competition where any registered member can make an entry. Show off your camera skills! Or simply, show us how cute your fluffy friend is! We are waiting for the ‘one in a million’ successful photo of your dogs and cats. The theme of the entry photos would change monthly, and we will select top four winners every month. The winners will be privileged to make the cover of the PET ST top page for a week!

Once you become a member, you can then register profiles of your cats and/or dogs. There you can create a profile for each of your family companion and post their photos. It will also provide you with individual Blog where you can upload photos and diary notes on your four legged friends at anytime you wish. Other users can view your photos and send comments on your postings.

This is where you can create your own Blog. You do not need to have a pet to be a member and talk about your love for cats and dogs. There are many registered members who do not /cannot own any pet animals due to their living environment, medical conditions, etc. But as long as you love cats and dogs, you´re welcome here at PET ST!
We have a policy for the use of Blog, so everyone can enjoy our site without offending other people.

PET ST Library
This is the original storage room for the light readings that are related to companion animals. It is aimed at introducing the interesting and/or useful pet-related information to the Japanese pet lovers. PET ST staff members would travel around in search of a happening place for cats and dogs in Japan, as well as in other parts of the world. The English translated version of the articles here are available in the PET ST (English).

Introducing Australian Labradoodles
PET ST staff team members are all charmed by the gentle and loving temperament of the Australian Labradoodles. Because we believe they are ideal for a family dog, for an assistance dog, or simply for your companion, we are eager to assist people in Japan to adopt and welcome Australian Labradoodles from Australia. In this section of PET ST, it is described why we think they are great, and how we can introduce a puppy to their home. We receive applications for puppy adoption from users, and we then look for the best matched breeder to the family and introduce to each other.

Shopping Mall
This is an online shopping mall for pet related goods and products. If you have any products that you´d like to introduce to people in Japan, you can register with us and open up an online shop in PET ST for a fee. The categories of the PET ST Shopping Mall are for cats and dogs only.

PET ST Community
Do you have any concerns or troubles with your four legged friends? Do you want to share the fun of talking about your love for a particular breed? PET ST Community is an online discussion group where you can join a group of people with the same interests. There are roughly two types of the groups; 1. open to public ­ where anyone can join the group 2. private to limited members only (new member must ask for a permission). The theme of the discussion topic can be anything as long as they are related to pet animals. You can either join one of the existing groups, or create your own topic so solicit people to join you.

When you want to know something about your pet animal´s health, behavior or diet, where would you go? This is where people can post questions regarding pet animals, and people would help each other to find solutions and assistances. If you want a piece of advice for your old buddy´s diet, or when you are not too sure of your cat´s scratching behavior, why not posting a question? Someone in the PET ST may be able to answer you. At times you´d find some who has exactly the same issue as you. Users can use this BBS like a virtual notice board to find solutions on pet-related issues. The archived questions and answers are also useful to other users who may have similar issues.

Available Puppies and Kittens info
If you are considering finding the right companion animal for your family but don´t know where to start looking for, this could be the starting point for you. In this section, you can search for a popular breed and information on where those cats and dogs are available. This has been made possible with the cooperation of many pet shops all over Japan, but we do not sell them in PET ST. The information is provided for the users´ reference only. In other words, this is where people who are looking at finding themselves the right pet animal can do their homework before they set out to the wide market. We are grateful if we could be of any assistance for people to find the right companionship that would last for your lifetime.
PETST ??????
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