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About PET ST
Welcome to PET ST!
Pet Street is an online community for pet animal lovers. It consists of two major parts; the Japanese language pages (the mainstream), and the English language pages (for international users). In this section, we would like to give you some brief introduction on the contents of the English pages, as well as the outline of the mainstream pages for your reference. The PET ST is ever changing to suit the needs of the wide variety of the users. You may note that there are some functions that are not yet available in the English pages of the site. We are trying to keep up with the mainstream contents in English pages also. Your continuous support and patience is greatly appreciated! If you had any questions or suggestions regarding any parts of the PET ST website, please feel free to contact us.

Dog Stories
Ever wondered where your dog is coming from? Or if you are a breeder, you must miss your babies and wonder how they are all doing.
This section ­ DOG STORIES ­ is made up with two parts ­ a list of registered dogs´(in this case, particularly the Australian Labradoodles´) profile, and their Blogs. It is designed to bridge breeders and foster family of the dogs, and at the same time, to assist users with developing friendship worldwide through their love for the dogs.

Both the breeders and foster families can post diary notes on their dogs to us, and the PET ST staff will upload those notes together with photos (if available) for the two parties and for the view of other users. Our bilingual staffs will assist you in overcoming the language barriers and translate the notes into another language where necessary. Let us help you keeping in touch with your family friends, and spreading the doggy friendship worldwide.

The page is also for the joy of general users. By presenting the photos of your puppies in the real time manner, the public can enjoy seeing your babies grow.

Australian Labradoodles
Have you heard of dogs called Australian Labradoodles? As you may guess from their name, they have Labrador retriever and Poodle as their ancestries. Australian Labradoodles are said to inherit gentle and friendly nature of Labrador, and the allergy friendly characteristics of Poodles´ coat.
When we say Australian Labradoodles, we only refer to the multi-generation ones that are bread by accredited breeders who are serious about protecting and enhancing the genes of this new breed.

The Australian Labradoodles pages in the PETST (English) are mainly focused on the breeders, while the equivalent pages on the mainstream PETST are targeted at potential foster families in Japan
Our mission here is to bridge these two parties - the Breeders and the foster families - to assist them making the adoption arrangements. We hope to contribute to increase the chances of the Japanese public to get to know the great temperament of the Australian Labradoodles.

PET ST Library
This is where we store some pet-related light readings. The articles are the English translated ones from the mainstream equivalents. They are meant to present some interesting pet-related products and services from overseas to the Japanese viewers, or to simply introduce a different way of life with companion animals on the other side of the globe. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcomed!! Please contact us if you had any ideas for a new topic. And if we think it is worthwhile for the sake of our users, we will come and see you to cover the story wherever you are!

Business Collaboration
Are you considering expanding your business into Japan? Then you´ve come to the right place. These pages outline the services we can provide to the businesses interested in Japanese Market. Such services include but not limited to the business consultation services, marketing research, logistic support, and language support (translation and interpretation).

PET ST ­ the mainstream
Let us outline the contents we have in the mainstream PETST website.
This is where you can get the gist of the mainstream of PETST.
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