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Mobile Dog Washing - the Hydrobath in Australia

What would you do when you need to give a bath to your dog at home? You may use the sink cabinet, or may even take a bath together with your dog. There are various ways, but considering the generally small size of the houses in Japan, it is easy to imagine that some people are having hard time giving a bath to their dogs ­ especially if they had larger size dogs. This small size of the living environment could have a lot to do with the recent explosive popularity of extremely small dogs. But that does not stop some people from keeping the larger sized dogs. Ideally, you should select the right dog for your home, but oh well, some dogs can grow larger than you´d have expected.
Today, we´d like to present a very handy service - the Hydrobath. It is a bath tub specially designed for four legged animals, and as its name shows, it produces a very high pressured water flow. What is even better, this bath is movable and usually, it will come right in front of your door for service. Because this service is provided by professionals, you can leave your dog to a specialist and relax. You also do not have to worry about the post-cleaning of the loose hair, and your dog will be treated for fleas at the same time. What more could you ask for?!

Now, let us introduce you to one of the Hydrobath service providers in Australia.
photo:Tammy's Mobile Dog Washing.   Here's the demonstration of the hydrobath service and the happy doggies.
"HYDROBATH provides an effective, enjoyable and stress free way to wash any dog in comfort. The hydrobath generally comes with a built in heating unit, filer and pump. This creates a warm, high pressure therapeutic shower that massages your dog and allows penetration of the coast using our special ALL Natural Flea Rinse Shampoo."


Firstly water is added to the Hydrobath. The amount of the water required varies depending on the size of the dogs.
Then ALL Natural Flea Rinse Shampoo is added to the water compartment of the Hydrobath. photo


When the bath is ready, dog is placed in the bath tub. If needed, the dog will be restrained by a small lead to prevent him from jumping out.
It´s bath time! The high pressured water with the special shampoo clean even the dirtiest dog. photo


A wet Chamois is used to wash the dogs face. This is friendlier than just running the hose over the dogs face.
Special tissues are used to carefully clean the ears. photo


Again a Chamois is used to quickly remove moist of the excess moisture remaining in the coat..
Alternatively is the Automated Doggy Spin-Dry method, but this should be avoided as it leaves more moisture on the washer than the dog! photo
photo A special scent/ deodorant / condition is sprayed on the coat to help control that familiar Doggy smell and enhance the shine.
And finally the FREE well earned Doggy Treat!! photo

Hydrobath is safe and comfortable for dogs of all sizes, and it is popular among many dogs and their owners in Australia. We hope that doggies in Japan would soon have a chance to use this great service of the Hydrobath. We are certain that your dog would love it!
Special thanks to: Tammy´s Mobile Dog Washing
Photos on this page are provided by the courtesy of the Tammy´s Mobile Dog Washing, and all rights are reserved.

If you´d like to know more details about Tammy´s Mobile Dog Washing, please follow the link below:

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