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Motomachi Dog Festa 2006

Yokohama-city is known as a place of civilization and enlightenment. Motomachi Shopping Street, "Motomachi" is located in Yokohama-city and recently featured as a dog friendly city. This is a historic street established for foreign residents in this area in the early Meiji period, and famous for the unique collaborative atmosphere of good old days and new days.
In Motomachi, people are trying to make this town a friendly place for dog owners, where people can enjoy shopping and dining with their lovely dogs. For example, KITAMURA, a famous shop for their leather bags, and STAR JEWELRY, a jewelry shop, installed a watering place for dogs which is called "Pet Bar" at the sideward entrance. Also, in Motomachi, there are many shops where people dine with their dogs in the patio, or people can enter when they carry their dogs in their arms. We can see the efforts and the passion by the people of this dog friendly town.
PETST staff member went to an event, "Motomachi Dog Festa 2006," which was held in this Motomachi Town.

Plenty of exciting events!
As soon as we got off at the Momomachi/ChineseTown Station, which is the terminal station of Minatomirai Line, we found many lovely dressed-up dogs.
We went to the main street with great excitement.

There were many stages and booths on the street. On one of them, they held a sort of fashion contest; dogs in gorgeous dress (which are even better than our clothing!) and their owners were on the stage, and some judges commented on their fashion.
In front of the stage, there were large audience who cheered the fluffy friends and listened to the judge´s comment.

photo On another stage, a professional cameraman was taking photos of dogs. There was a long line to get the privileged ticket for the professional-taken-photos.

There were many booths; where people can ask pet-related concerns to vet, where training course was available. Every stages and booths were crowded with dogs and dog owners.

Rich Rest Spaces!
This street is about 500 meters long. Usually this is open only for walkers. On that day, many tables and chairs were temporally installed as an open terrace.
It was for dogs and pet owners to take a rest. This has proven how much the Motomachi people cared for dogs and their owners. It was a quite sunny day, then all dogs and people looked happy and a little bit dozing off under a blue sky.

Next to the temporary terrace, a demonstrator was making balloon art shaped like dog.

Dogs were smiling in a bright sun
We have many inside event where people can enter with pets, however this outside event, "Motomachi Dog Festa", is quite unique. People could feel exactly like taking a walk even in an event. Dog owners had good manners and the staff of this event was working on putting deodorant spray to keep the street clean and comfortable.

Let us introduce the dogs in this festa!
About 2,000 dogs went to this festa.
We´d love to introduce the wonderful dogs we met in Motomachi.

Name; Mocha (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Can you feel how relaxing she is on her owner´s lap? How lovely she is!
Name; Momo(Japanese Spitz)
What a gorgeous fluffy coat! She is a well-trained dog.
Name; Noel(Cairn Terrier)
She has a wonderful gold coat. It was dazzling!
Name; Sena(Irish Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier)
He is the draw at Kitamura, Japanese famous leather bag shop.
He is really handsome!
Name; Golgo(French Bulldog)
His pink leash is so cute and suited to him. Were you blinded? Sorry for dazzling you...
Name; Dino(Mix of Greyhound)
He is so smart and cool! Look great in a bright orange shirt!
Name; Tiara, Maria, Clair(Chihuahua)<from the left>
We´re sorry Clair for not taking your lovely face....
Name; Ichigo, Anzu(Chihuahua)<from the left>
They are Tiara´s relatives. (Tiara´s in the left picture.)
Name; Ari(Afghan Hound)
He was beautiful overwhelmingly. He is European Afghan Hound which is quite rare in Japan.
Name; Leo(Miniature Dachshund)
He has unique white and tan coat. He looks happy in his favorite cart.
Name; Shore(Airedale Terrier)
She was camera-wise. Maybe she was the most photogenic?!
Name; Laudy(French Bulldog)?Ann (Boston Terrier) <from the left>
Both of them look lovely in a pair shirts.
Name; Arnie(Belgian Shepherd Dog)
He comes from Africa!! His coat around his neck is so gorgeous.
Name; Yu (Wire Fox Terrier)
She is 2 years old, coming from Yokohama. Did you find your friend in this event?
Name; Paseri (Old English Sheepdog)
He is 1 year old. Sorry for stopping you in this crowd. We took a great photo of you!
Name; Goma(Golden Retriever)
She is 1 year old. Don´t you think her bandana is cute? Also what a happy smile!
Name; Koutarou(St. Bernard)
He came from Akishima which is located in western Tokyo. Sitting in a good manner!
Name; Youkan(Mix of Pag and Dachshund)
She was beautiful. We forgot carelessly to ask about the origin of
Name; Tai, Aji(Standard Poodle)
Tai means sea bream, and Aji means horse mackerel in Japanese. They wore a pair clothing.
Name; Leo(Labrador Retriever)and Miki(Newfoundland)
They are close friends. Many dog lovers were taking pictures of them.

Thank you for all the dogs and owners´ courtesy!

Reported 15/04/2006
Reporter Mineko Masuda

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