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Our Passion for Australian Labradoodles
Our Support
Our Proposal
Our Proposal
Here are a couple of things that we´d like to propose for assuring a happy companionship of the Australian Labradoodles with the foster families.
Our Proposals for the Breeders
It is requested that all the breeders introduced here are registered with appropriate bodies of the Australian Labradoodles. We would only introduce the right breeders who are serious about safe, ethical and genetically reliable breeding practices, as well as maintaining the health and happiness of the dogs.
Our Proposals for the foster families
You cannot purchase a pet animal just because they´re cute and cuddly. We strongly feel against irresponsible ownerships of any pet animals.
This is why we also request all the foster family candidates to think carefully about adoption. Welcoming an Australian Labradoodle as a new member of your family is a serious matter. It always requires high sense of responsibility from every member of your family. That is why, it is requested that any families wishing to become a foster family of an Australian Labradoodle through our match-making program are requested to discuss the suitability of the adoption carefully among the family members before they´d jump into the conclusion.
Your Suggestion to Us
If there was anything you´d like to suggest to us, please feel free to contact us. photo:Your Suggestion to Us

photograph by the courtsey of Down Under Doodles,USA

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