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Enjoy the lovely labradoodles' pictures, profile, and blogs which bridge bleeders and foster families!
Diary of Tomboyish CLEA
Clea's coat
category:Foster family Blog 31/08/2007
One day, I took my parents' dog to an animal hospital.
photo:Clea's coat

Her name is Haru.

I hold her up onto the consulting table.
Some hair sticked to my arms.
A few minutes later...I felf ichy in my arms and broke out in hives.
I've not been allergetic to animal hair. Maybe I was not in a good condition.

Australian Labradoodles are really allergy-friendly dog.I've never got hives even when I hugged her.
photo:Clea's coat

Labradoodles are breeded as nursing dogs.
My son is an asthmatic which is the reason we chose this dog.
(We love the character and the looks, too.)

My son has never suffered from asthema because of Clea.

If we didn't know this breed, we would haven'd had a dog.
Thank you for coming to Japan far from Australia, Clea.
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