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Business Collaboration
Whether you´re considering expanding your business into Japan, or you need a bit of assistance in cross cultural communication with other Japanese speaking entity, please remember that we, PET BUSSINESS OFFICE in SENSHUKAI CO.,LTD. are able to provide you with a tailored service that suits your needs. Let us show you how we may assist you briefly.

Web Design
Translating and Interpreting Services
Business Consulting

If you´d like to promote your products and services into Japan, creating a Japanese version of your website could be a very good place to start. We are all aware of the infinite possibility of the promotion effect of the web, however, if you do not have the right design and presentation that appeals to the target market, chances are quite little that you´d succeed regardless of the quality of your actual products. Having said that, we are confident that we are able to assist you in creating and/or redesigning your website that will be successful. We make it possible by soliciting all the expert knowledge and resources available and nail down the right style for the nature of your business. We will balance out your needs and your budgets to produce the great result. Please feel free to contact us for quotation.

Where bilingual communication between Japanese and English is needed, we can provide you with interpreting and translating services. An efficient and smooth communication is the key to the success of any business. It is especially so when the two entity do not share the common language or cultural background. This is where our bilingual staffs would come in handy.
Translation Service
Email communications
Commercial resources
Interpretation Service
Telephone communication
On site interpretation
(Interpretation Guide on your visits)
Lecture Presentation / Business Meeting
Interpretation Guide on your visits
Please inquire for further details. Upon request, we will present you with a price list.

Should you be interested in expanding your business into the Japanese Market, we can offer you a total consulting services including but not limited to the services mentioned above but also the marketing research and introducing the right partners for the nature of your business. Our strength is that we have the wide network of goods and services distributors for a logistic assistance, as well as the access to the many different layers of the dedicated client base that has been build in many years by our parent company, SENSHUKAI CO., LTD.
Regardless of the nature and field of your products and/or service, we will assist you in finding the right business partners for the efficient expansion of your business.
We look forward to hearing your exciting business proposals.

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