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Diary of Tomboyish CLEA
First trip
category:Foster family Blog 20/08/2007
photo:First trip

The lingering heat of late summer is intense.

Some days ago we went to trip with Clea for 3 days. This is her first staying out.
Twelve of us and Clea stayed lodged in Kochi Prefecture.

photo:First trip
We stayed at this lodge and enjoyed for 3 days.

First night... we enjoyed fireworks. Clea wasn't scared and came to close... Be careful! You'll be burn:-(
Your curly coat could be more curly...
photo:First trip

The innumerable stars were in the whole sky and we saw the milky way clearly. (I'm sorry I couldn't take that picture..)
We saw many meteor becaouse of wild storm of shooting stars.
But I forgot to wish over the shooting stars.

On the second day, we went to sea bathing.
Clea was staying at the lodge with the caretaker wisely.
It's a little bit pitiful to leave her alone, but cruel to take her under the intense sunshine.
photo:First trip
Good girl, Clea.
We didn't take you to the sea, but my father took her to a river and let her swim. Though he got wet because she dive into water, he looked so happy.

She must enjoy running around and the coolness in the mountain. Let's go again next year!


At dinner time, this dragonfly was flying. It's smaller than usual onesand has long antenas.
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