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Enjoy the lovely labradoodles' pictures, profile, and blogs which bridge bleeders and foster families!
Diary of Tomboyish CLEA
One whole year
category:Foster family Blog 05/08/2007
Just one year ago, Clea became our family member.

She came to Japane alone from Ausralia by air plane.
We worried about the flight condition and her health, on the other hand, excited to see her.

It was first experience to go to the quarantine office, airline company office and the custom.
The procedure wasn't easy but precious experience for us.
You can see the pictures on that day on this page.(It's written in Japanese.)
This bellow picture was taken after she came to our house. She's more fluffy than now.
photo:One whole year

And this is the pic of today. She's grown up!
photo:One whole year

We're happy to have you!:-)

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