What's this page all about?

Ever wondered where your dog is coming from? Or if you are a breeder, you must miss your babies and wonder how they are all doing. This section - DOG STORIES - is made up with two parts - a list of registered dogs'(in this case, particularly the Australian Labradoodles') profile, and their Blogs. It is designed to bridge breeders and foster families of the dogs, and at the same time, to assist users with developing friendship worldwide through their love for the dogs.

Both the breeders and foster families can post diary notes on their dogs to us, and the PET ST staff will upload those notes together with photos (if available) for the two parties and for the view of other users. Our bilingual staffs will assist you in overcoming the language barriers and translate the notes into another language where necessary. Let us help you keeping in touch with your family friends, and spreading the doggy friendship worldwide.

The page is also for the joy of general users. By presenting the photos of your puppies in the real time manner, the public can enjoy seeing your babies grow.